Services & Training

Scheu & Kniss is committed to providing full service before and after the sale. We understand that our customers have larger problems to solve, and we are proud to be an active partner, delivering necessary services at the right moment and place. With all new Sentry press sales, we offer complete FAT documentation packages, installation, and training services.


Scheu & Kniss' Service Commitments

  1. Experienced Technicians: Available for remote and on-site assistance in North America.

  2. Comprehensive Training Programs: Tailored to your personnel's needs, ranging from operator to maintenance training.

  3. On-Site Training: Ensuring your team is proficient in using and maintaining the equipment.

  4. Full Range of Services: From turret installation to complete on-site equipment rebuilding.

  5. Complete Documentation: FAT documentation packages provided with new press sales.

Your satisfaction is our priority—trust Scheu & Kniss for exceptional service and support.


1500 W. Ormsby Ave.
Louisville, KY 40210

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