Press Rebuilding

From simple repairs to comprehensive rotary tablet press rebuilding, Scheu & Kniss handles your most demanding projects with expertise and precision. Our extensive inventory of replacement parts and turrets for most tablet press models ensures minimal downtime. We pride ourselves on accurate, transparent quoting, providing budgetary estimates as initial guidelines. True equipment condition is assessed through thorough disassembly and inspection.


As a full-service facility, we manage all project aspects in our Louisville, Kentucky plant. With over a century of experience since 1915, you can trust our commitment to detail and quality.


What's Included in Tablet Press Rebuilding from Scheu & Kniss

  1. Comprehensive Rebuilding: From disassembly to final assembly, all processes are handled in-house.

  2. High-Quality Replacement Parts: Extensive inventory ensures minimal downtime.

  3. Precision Machining: Re-machining of castings and components to OEM standards.

  4. Electrical and Welding Services: Expert handling of all electrical and welding needs.

  5. Professional Painting: High-quality finish to extend equipment life.

  6. Detailed Inspection: Thorough assessment to determine true equipment condition.

  7. Commitment to Quality: Over 100 years of experience ensuring the highest standards.


1500 W. Ormsby Ave.
Louisville, KY 40210

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